There has never been a simpler way to pay!
A hassle-free, on-the-go, one-stop solution at your fingertips that is made to ensure you never forget a payment!
All Damen payment services are accessible through Damen Cash app with just a tap!
Add your payment method and pay whatever you want.

How Our App Works ?

*Download and install the app from Google Play – IOS App Store – Huawei App Gallery.
*Simply enter your data to create your account.

How To Use?
*After registration, set up your payment method.
*Now you can choose from more than 400 services.
Pay whatever you want easily. 

Get Your App Now!

Services You Can Pay With Damen Cash:


Easily pay your landline phone and Internet bills and recharge your credit for all mobile networks


You can pay all your utilities’ bills and recharge electricity and water cards at any Damen outlet


No need to do much effort, you can pay your education fees from the nearest Damen outlet

Commercial airplane flying above cloudscape in dramatic toned sunset light.


Book your ticket online and pay with Damen

e-wallet services

Recharge your Vodafone e-wallet, pay and transfer cash anytime, anywhere


Help others and pay your donation through Damen


Recharge all your favorite games through Damen

Micro Loans Installments

You can easily pay your micro loan installments through the nearest Damen outlet

Online Services

Buy your voucher from Damen, recharge your application and connect to the world



Pay your subscription fees and enjoy entertainment

Government Services

Don’t waste your time and pay your Governmental Services fees with Damen


Have no worries and pay your property taxes with Damen


North Coast Services

Pay your annual subscription fees and maintenance expenses with Damen


Book your course online and pay with Damen

Purchase Installments

You can easily pay your purchase Installments for Valu and Symbl with Damen


QR Code Payment

QR Code Payments Allow Merchants To Receive Payments From Customers Simply By Scanning Generated Qr Codes Using A Smartphone Camera.

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