Your bills, school expenses, donations, your installments or any governmental expenses with Damen, all your transactions are one step away. Head to the closest place that has Damen and guarantee your payments.

How To Use Our Services?

It pays the university fees and I’ve never encountered an issue before

Abdul Rahman Essam


Excellent company full of highly respectable employees

Mahmoud Saleh

Al Mansoura

Awesome services, I am happy to be here because of your services. in future, I will continue

Ahmed Mahdy


Frankly, I have worked with Damen repeatedly and all I have to say is that the service is excellent

Ibrahim Mabrouk


Very Respectable company and very supportive agents

Mohammed Rannah


Damen provides a wide array of services like utilities bills payment and school fees which is very cool

Abd Elhalim Ibrahim


Decent company and very respectable agents , the service is stable and reliable

Mohammed Abd Allah

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