One of the leading e-payment companies in Egypt

Who Are We ?

Damen Company was established in 2018. It is a self-funded Egyptian company affiliated with “Egypt Smart Card”, one of the companies contributing to the management of the supply and bread system in the Egyptian market. It was established to provide electronic payment services that target individuals and organizations such as multiple billing services, electricity bills, gas bills, phone bills and many others.

Damen is distinguished by its wide spread Outlets all across governorates in Egypt as well as its Objective to work with more than 100,000 merchants nationwide through shops, grocery stores, libraries and all outlets which provide financial payment services.

Damen also offers more than 500 financial payment services, many of which are: paying electricity, gas, water, phone and internet bills, game payments, paying institutes and university fees and paying flight reservations.

Why choose Damen?

Our Mission :
To enable people sustainably pay any service any anytime to anyone by any method and anywhere.

Our Vision :
Damen aims to provide the best experience for electronic payment services and basic service bills useful to citizens. Damen provides solutions for individuals who do not have bank accounts or banking services. We also seek renewal and innovation in the technological industry to provide banking solutions that serve the community. We are keen to constantly communicate with the largest number of merchants, sales outlets, kiosks and other distributors of Damen’s services. We aim to quickly expand increasing number of Damen outlets and Damen services to save our clients time and effort.

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