Damen supports charitable digitization during Ramadan 2022

Damen for Electronic Payments has held co-operation protocols with many charitable institutions and societies in Egypt that can be donated to during the holy month of Ramadan, the most prominent of which are (Misr Al-Khair Foundation – 57357 Foundation – Baheya Foundation – Zakat House and the Egyptian charity – Life Makers – Orman Association – Red Crescent – Association Mustafa Mahmoud – Hospital 185 Al-Qasr Al-Ainy – Fayoum tumors center – Together to save a human being – The Life Magic- Nabaa Elhayat Foundation- Abwab Al-Khair – Al Rawdah Organization and others…….) Where zakat, charity, relief box, house renovation, cover, monthly donation.

Damen for electronic payments continues to co-operate with the Life Makers Foundation in Egypt to deliver humanitarian aid and provide the basic needs of families suffering from poverty; Damen delivers aid in a way that guarantees deserving families the freedom to choose between different commodities according to their needs, in addition to facilitating the process of giving and receiving.

Tamer Al-Hussainy,  Chief Executive Officer of Damen, said that civil society institutions and non-profit organizations are using digital transformation; He explained that this is done by delivering aid and basic needs to beneficiaries by sending a code to the targeted cases with the value of the required assistance and then directing families to disburse their needs through the suppliers that have been contracted with all over Egypt.

Cash donations are also received directly from customers through Daman machines spread throughout Egypt, and the donor is given a receipt through the machine directly.

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