General. Said abdelrazik

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General Said Abdelrazik attended the Infantry Corps War College.

He was offered a leadership position and worked as a Battalion Commander, a Brigade Commander in Sinai, and a Commander of the 23rd mechanized infantry division in the third field army.

General Abdelrazik eventually became a commander of the southern military region and a consultant to the Ministry of Defence.

Some of his most important qualifications to hold a role of successful leadership are:

- Masters of Military sciences from the Command and Staff college.

- Doctorate in Military sciences from the Nasser higher military academy (Higher war college).

- A course for senior commanders of the armed forces.

In the field of driving devices:

- Instructor at the war college.

- Teaching Assistant at the command and staff college.

- Director of the Nasser higher military academy.

General said Abdelrazik took part in the following wars: The Yemen war - the war of Attrition – The October war 73.